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The All-Conflicts Memorial

The All-Conflicts Memorial is located within the precinct of the Workshops Rail Museum.

The Ipswich Railway Workshops Memorial was unveiled on Saturday 27th September1919 by, the then Queensland Governor, Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams. The memorial was to honour Workshop employees who served in World War 1. Initially it was to acknowledge the 300 employees, of whom 32 made the ultimate sacrifice. Later additional names were added.

At the time it was one of the most expensive memorials erected in Queensland. Most of the funds were contributed by the employees of the Workshops.

The memorial is surmounted by a 2.2 bronze figure of an Australian soldier. The bronze figure was cast by Joseph Whitehead & Sons, Westminster, London. The overall height of the monument is almost 10 metres.

Prior to the unveiling ceremony, a parade of about 160 soldiers, under the command of Lieutenant Charles King, MM; an employee of the workshops,  marched from the Ipswich Railway Station to the memorial.

One hundred years on, the Ipswich Railway Workshops Memorial has been curated and transformed into the Workshops Rail Museum All Conflicts Memorial. Through dedication, planning and grants the addition of seven polished black granite slabs depicting scenes from all conflicts in which Australian Servicemen and Servicewomen Served compliments and completes the memorial.

The historical research Edwin Habben OAM, RFD require acknowledgment with words and history drawn from the pages of “Ipswich and District Military Memorials” (2008)

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