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Our History

The Founding of the Ipswich Railway Sub Branch

Sub-Branch Beginnings
The Ipswich Railway Sub Branch of the R.S.S.A.I.L.A received its Charter on the 23 April 1936. The Sub Branch Charter signed by Raymond Huish is proudly displayed at “Railway House”. The Sub Branch is a partner in the
Moreton District RSL Branch. A Queensland Times article from April 1936 described the first meeting of
the Sub-Branch. At the meeting the following were elected as office bearers:

  • President; Alderman R.Battye

  • Vice Presidents; Mr. A.Beverley and Mr. F.Buchan.

  • Secretary; Mr. H.Hickerton.

  • Treasurer; Mr. S.Bowker.

A publicity officer and an executive of five other gentlemen were also elected. Some of the members, who held office positions in the Ipswich Sub-Branch, and transferred to the newly formed Railway Sub Branch were:

  • Mr. A. A. Beverley

  • Mr. Nesbet

It was noted that several officers of the State Branch attended.

Founding members were Returned Diggers from the battlefields of WW1 and members of the Ipswich Sub Branch but felt more could be done to assist the unemployed and injured diggers and their families.

In the early days, Executive and General meetings were generally held in the Memorial Hall, but quite often Special Executive meetings were held at the Honour Stone at the Workshops to discuss members in distress and to help support them and their families.

In more recent times the AGM and General Meetings have been held at the Ipswich RSL Services Club trading as Club Services Ipswich. The purchase and renovation of premises at 31 Flint Street North Ipswich in
December 2019 has provided the Ipswich Railway RSL Sub-Branch Inc with a dedicated administrative and wellbeing office, “Railway House”.

The words of Mr. A.A. Beverley, one of the inaugural Vice President, still resonate;

"If you think you are right in something for the good and welfare of the league and the diggers, in general, bring it up"

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