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25/4/23, 12:00 am

The Ipswich Railway Sub-Branch hosts an Anzac Day Commemoration at the Workshops Rail Museum, with a remembrance service at the All Conflicts Memorial at 7.30am.

Over the years the Ipswich Railway Sub-Branch have conducted an ANZAC Day commemoration at the All-Conflicts Memorial at the Workshops Rail Museum.

ANZAC Day parades at the Honour Stone have had only a few Marshals, including

Mr. Les Brown and Mr. Trevor Grewar, Mr Bob Green and recently Mr Ian Dainer.

Following the Commemoration members, guests and their families are invited to

adjourn to Club Services Ipswich for breakfast.

In previous years Smoko was held in the Railway Institute Hall, as it had historic

connections with the sub branch members who as railway employees were members

of the Institute.

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